Expert Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Patio Space

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How to make the most out of your Outdoor space

The key to decorating your external space is to establish exactly what you want in the space and what furniture will best suit your needs. For example, you might choose modular furniture, that can be changed and altered as you require it.

You may also want to try to find tables and shelving that can maximise the amount of space available in the patio.

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Vertical Garden on Patio

Vertical Gardens

As previously mentioned here on our blog, If you want to get the most out of a small space, then a vertical garden could be the best option. Not only does this give you more opportunity to display your favourite plants, but it can also add volume to your patio.

If you are a bit tight for space, then you might consider choosing larger pots for your plants to cover your patio from Designer Outdoor Spaces.

Colour Palette Decisions

Choose The Right Colours

You might be tempted to decorate all of your patio with a number of different colours, but we would recommend sticking to a minimalist pallet.

The smaller the number of colours that you use, the larger your space will appear. Not to mention the options you will have for decor!

Having Drinks on Patio

Be Minimalistic

Although you should try to add volume with plants, it is important not to clutter your space constructed by Designer Outdoor Spaces with a large amount of pots and furniture.

Instead, try to keep your outdoor living space as simple and clean as possible.

Wooden Crate Pot Plants

Use Feature Pots

One of our favourite ways to make your patio seem as though it is much larger than in reality is to use feature pots to draw the eye towards a particular area of the patio.

This can be done with bright colours or with decorated and textured pots.

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